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12/05/2015 Customs Department of Georgia Department of Georgia Customs Department of Georgia Department of Georgia

Customs Department of Georgia was instructed to create the Trademark Register. The trademark is listed in the Trademark Register on the basis of application submitted with the Customs Department. The application must include the following information: name, address of the trademark owner, extract from the Trademark Register existing under the Georgian Patent Office, which certifies the validity of trademark registration, the particulars of goods bearing the said trademark and the Power pof Attorney in the name of representative. It is desirable if the sample(s) of goods bearing the trademark is presented at the Customs Department (if it is possible). The Customs Department accepts the information on probable infringer and counterfeit goods as to recognize

04/25/2015 The application must include the following informationaa The application must include the following informationaa

The application must include the following informationaa 

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05/12/2015 Please pay attention

It should be noted that according to the previous Law of Georgia on trademarks after the expiration of 6 month grace period, the renewal payment with penalty was allowed within additional 6 month period. The renewal can be applied only by the Patent Attorney on the basis of Power of Attorney. Please pay attention to the above mentioned amendments and let your clients know about these amendments

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